jb Jonathan Bowen
2 min read

The Great “Oops…we’re sorry” Email Conspiracy.

Have they really made a mistake or was the mistake deliberately engineered?

One of the tried and tested techniques to boost the value of your email marketing efforts is to resend an email shortly after the first, without change, to the set of customers who didn’t open the first . There’s a variant to this technique that seems to trending upwards these days — the “Oops…we’re sorry” email.

jn John Norris
4 min read

How to constantly deliver user needs

by taking slices through your product's many layers.

By focusing on a series of specific user needs rather than creating the entire product in one go, you're more likely to create a product which is more concise, more coherent, delivers a better user experience, and likely even delivered sooner.

ad Adam Dawkins
7 min read

User-centric pricing: How the right pricing models make better products.

(Or — why Netflix makes really good TV shows.)

What if how we price things for our clients affects the very users we build products and services for, and try to put at the centre of our development processes?

ad Adam Dawkins
4 min read

Why enterprise software is terrible.

(Or, ‘A declaration of war on crappy software for businesses’.)

For users these days, things just work. Then you enter the world of Enterprise (or “Business to business”) software and everything changes. Most enterprise applications are terrible to use, and it’s that way for one good reason: The businesses behind these products forget they are building software for people.

jb Jonathan Bowen
4 min read

The Year of the Dragon.

The State of Ecommerce in 2016.

2016 is the Year of the Dragon*. That’s because we’ve founded Dragon Drop — a boutique web agency, specialising in ecommerce development and consultancy. (* — 2016 is, in fact, the Year of the Monkey, but “Monkey Drop” didn’t work as well.)