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Dragon Drop is a boutique web agency helping retailers thrive online.


What we do

The team at Dragon Drop has over 30 years web experience behind us and we’ve seen ecommerce from the perspective of the supplier and the retailer. Between us, we’ve worked on more than 100 ecommerce projects for household name brands. We’ve been involved in good, bad and, yes, sometimes, ugly projects. We have formed strong opinions about the best ways to innovate on the web.

Our mission is to help retailers innovate on their current platform. We help you maximise your current investment of time, money and know-how by giving you the ability to build functionality on top of and alongside your current ecommerce platform.

At Dragon Drop, we want to build the things that will add value right now. The current crop of web tools and APIs make this process embarrassingly easy when compared to the technologies of just a few years ago — the six-month feature is a thing of the past. Minimum disruption; maximum impact.

We’re an experienced development agency, but we’re not just here to build your ideas for you. We’ll use our decades of ecommerce experience and technical wizardry to help you make decisions that will have a big impact.


Projects and Developments

We can build all kinds of things, but the best way to illustrate this is by example. Here's a few of the products we've built and projects we've completed for UK retailers.

But remember, these are just illustrations - if you want something a bit different or totally different, we can probably build this too. Let's talk.

Save 90% on your email marketing costs

The Dragon Drop team have spent many years using, implementing and evaluating email marketing systems. In our experience more money spent does not equate to more value for your budget.

Our answer - use Mailchimp to send your marketing newsletters and invest the huge savings you will make in other forms of customer acquisition.

In one case, we saved a client over 90% of the email marketing budget, reducing it from more than £100,000 per year, to less than £10,000 per year, whilst continuing to grow the email list and benefit from simpler, better quality email marketing system.

Automate website product up-sells and cross-sells

Many ecommerce websites offer cross-sells and upsells - “you may also like”, “buy the outfit”, “customers also bought”. However, the effort involved in maintaining these sections is often out of line with the benefit received or the process is long-winded and manual.

Dragon Drop uses an easily available data source - Google Analytics - to drive the automation of these “internal ads”, greatly reducing the amount of manual effort required and making the product recommendations more relevant and up to date.

Internal website re-targetting

Customer re-targetting ads have become ubiquitous on the internet, giving rise to the phenomenon of a brand “following you” around the web. Effective, and maybe a little bit creepy.

A more subtle use of re-targetting techniques is for your website to have dynamic content areas which display relevant products and categories based on your visitors previous behaviour on the site.

For example, suppose your visitor spent some time last week browsing the dresses and tops categories, then when she returns this week, show her content from these categories to re-engage the customer in areas she has already shown an interest in.

Dragon Drop’s internal re-targetting technology is simple to install and quick to show results.

Website/email content services

Dragon Drop’s web development team have years of experience of building website and email content quickly and accurately and at short notice.

With prices from £300 per assignment we can:

  • Build emails to your designs
  • Update homepages
  • Develop and implement microsites or complex content areas
  • Host and manage “off-site” content

Google Analytics Widgets

Your customers like to know what's trending, what's hot and ... what's not. We've all seen sites with content areas that purport to show the latest must-have purchases, only to discover that they're showing exactly the same products a week later! #fail.

Dragon Drop has developed content widgets that make trending recommendations live and real by using data available from Google Analytics. Examples include:

  • What is being purchased right now (great if you have an international audience - we can show location too)
  • What is trending over the last X days - pageviews or purchases
  • What is purchased together

Thinking of something different? Drop us a line!

Mobile Shopping App

Apps can give a level of direct connection with your customers that email cannot achieve. Having an app icon on your phone homescreen or getting app notifications cuts through much more than a twice-weekly email, lost in a blizzard of similar emails.

But...apps can be expensive. How do you know you will get a return?

Answer: Start small and learn as you go.

Dragon Drop's “Showcase” gives you native iOS and Android apps, including an easy to manage back office/content management systems. The app links through to your mobile website for purchasing, keeping all of you order and customer data in one place - no expensive integrations. Best of all, the app can be extended in any number of ways to suit your specific needs.

We see many retailers put off the decision to have a mobile app - don't be that retailer! Start small, get results, iterate.


"We’re declaring war on crappy, overpriced, hard-to-use software."

Adam Dawkins  |  Co-Founder
"Why enterprise software is terrible"


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