Some of your frequently asked questions about Ensemble.

How many ensembles can I have?

Your plan will dictate what your limit is. The Basic plan offers up to 20 ensembles, the Standard plan up to 50, and Pro plan is unlimited.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my plan at any time?

Yes you can. Switching plan is very quick and easy, with all the payment handled by Shopify, so you've got nothing to worry about.

Can I add an image to my ensemble?

Yes! We'd really encourage you to add an image to your ensemble. For fashion this could be a model shot showing the whole outfit. For homeware this could be a lifestyle shot of a room. Pick an image that best represents all products in the ensemble.

Where can I upload my ensemble image to?

You can upload images to your Shopify shop's Files page for free. The Files page is found in your Settings area /admin/settings/files.

Does my ensemble need a name?

The name field is optional, but we encourage you to add one as it improves the display of the ensemble, and helps share with your customers your vision for the ensemble.

How many products can I show in an ensemble?

There is no limit to the number of products you can show in an ensemble. You might naturally find that 10-20 products as a maximum makes sense, but this isn't enforced.

Can I choose which products to show the ensemble on?

By default the ensemble will show on the product page of all products in the ensemble. You can easily choose which products you want to show the ensemble on however, as it might not make sense to show promote certain products from other products' pages, but you know your products best so you decide!

If a products is in 2 (or more) ensembles, which one shows on its product page?

A product can be in as many ensembles as you like, no problem, however we would recommend only showing one ensemble on that product's page. If you do configure multiple ensembles to show on the same product's page, we'll show the most recently created ensemble.

Can I hide the ensemble?

You can. Simply choose not to show the ensemble on any of its products.

What if a product in an ensemble is out of stock?

Not to worry! We will check how you have each SKU configured and make sure we reflect that within the ensemble.

Where can I show the ensemble in my shop?

You can show it whereever you like. Simply copy the script we provide on the Installation page, and paste it where you want the ensemble to show. We'd recommend the product template, and positioning it underneath the main product image works well.

I can’t get the script to work with my template - what should I do?

If you have any problems please get in touch.

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