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The super fast promotional landing page

We were able to launch a new site for Rogue Monkey that let them start taking bookings in no time at all.

It's something we hear from people very often: I need a website for my business, just a simple page, something to build my presence on.

At Dragon Drop we offer a wide range of professional services, but building websites is still something we love, and something we're pretty good at (if we do say so ourselves). Your website doesn't have to be big, complicated and expensive, nor do you have to have it built on the latest fashionable platform, especially for your first website.

What we delivered

The team at Rogue Monkey had a good idea what they wanted, and some branding guidelines to hand, so we were able to get stuck in very quickly and share an update after just a few hours.

The website just needed to be one page, so we kept things simple with an HTML and CSS site hosted on Netlify, which is free for simple sites.

Following a simpler approach were able to focus more on performance of the site; tackling image optimisation and page load speeds, which to ensure their message is delivered as quickly and cleanly as possible.

We used a service called Calendly to allow their website to capture interest in their services, which is quicky to setup and easy to use.

But this took days, surely?

Not at all. Despite the high level of quality in the final product, we had this turned around really fast, making this a great option for many businesses looking to kick start their online presence.


John Norris

Founder and Developer

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