Mint Velvet had several small features they wanted to add to their site. The time and cost needed to implement these directly on their website platform was prohibitive. We gave them a framework to roll out features quickly and incrementally without the risk associated with major platform development.

Jonathan Bowen, Director, Dragon Drop.

Solution: Enter MVHQ

MVHQ (Mint Velvet Head Quarters, obviously!) is a web app developed by Dragon Drop to layer front-end functionality onto the Mint Velvet website.

  • Curated outfits? Check.
  • Adding videos to specific products? Yes.
  • Enriching product data to display on the website? Done.
  • Curated up-sell/cross-sell? Sorted.

What the admin sees

A super-usable admin app allows the web team to enrich product data ready for display.

What the customer sees

The product data is injected into the website with some lightweight JavaScript.

The result?

  • An enhanced user-experience for Mint Velvet's customers
  • A streamlined process for Mint Velvet's ecommerce streamlined
  • Features delivered quickly and easily without impacting site performance or stability