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Many sites, one platform

Justice & Care, a charity rescuing victims of slavery and human trafficking, had different websites in different countries. How could they bring these together into a single, coherent platform?

Justice & Care operates in a number of countries - the UK, the Netherlands, India, Bangladesh and the United States - and had a website for each. But...the sites were built at different times, on different platforms, with different designs. They didn't project a coherent brand and deploying new functionality and content to all sites was impractical.

Justice & Care came to Dragon Drop looking for a solution that would both bring the sites under central control and allow local country teams to manage their own content and news.

An essential part of the project was to develop the new sites to the recently produced brand guidelines, projecting the same brand values in all geographies.

The Solution: Many sites, one platform

Dragon Drop implemented a solution based on the Wordpress Multi-Site platform. Multi-site allows organisations to spin up many websites from the same template, with the same features and plugins, maintaining the same standards throughout.

Multi-site's editor/author security framework allows HQ to manage access to the content management system, but devolves authority to local teams where required.

And, of course, as the new websites were built on the underlying Wordpress platform, Justice & Care were able to take advantage of the rich plugin ecosystem for website features. Contact forms, SEO management tools, video embedding and lots more - all enabled without reinventing wheels!

The website was integrated with Salesforce to pass customer sign-ups directly into Salesforce's "Lead management" tools.

Technologies, Platforms + Integrations

  • Wordpress Multisite
  • Donorbox
  • Salesforce

The result?

  • A coherent group of websites, tailored to local markets, but controlled from HQ
  • A consistent brand image, with the ability to create new local sites as needed
  • A feature-rich platform that gives Justice & Care the ability to grow their digital presence for years to come

And don't just take our word for it

We have loved working with Dragon Drop! They have done brilliantly at understanding our needs as a charity, coming up with effective and efficient solutions and the resulting work is beautiful! As a team they are great to work with - they are co-creators! They are quick to respond to any challenges and questions and very willing to help along the way. We wholeheartedly recommend them.

—Jamie Fyleman, Director, Justice & Care.


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Founder and Developer

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